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The Gold Exchange proudly offers traditional pawn shop services in a clean, wholesome environment. Not long ago pawn shops may have had a poor reputation, however, these days they are evolving again into respectable mainstream options for quick loans and potential good deals on popular retail items.

Using your personal objects as collateral, you agree with the pawn broker on the amount of the loan and the time allowed for repaying it, including a small service fee. In some cases we will buy your items outright. We focus on quality power tools, televisions, a broad range of electronics, musical instruments, games, DVD’s and, of course, gold and silver jewelry.

Did you know that pawn shops have been around since ancient times of Rome and Greece and that they were in operation even earlier in China? From their beginning they have been an integral and vital part of local economies. As the U.S. economy remains sluggish pawn shops are an attractive and honorable option to ease your personal finances.

Gold and Silver Bullion

Gold and silver bullion transactions are professionally handled by our onsite numismatist.

Check Cashing

We will cash local payroll and government checks for a low 2% fee.
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